Manager's Notes



Dear Member:

This year LPWA has, again, been able to provide a plentiful supply of quality and safe potable water to our members.  Unfortunately, the associationís revenues have been lower over the past several years, as our operational costs, the cost for materials, insurance, etc., continue to increase.  There have been very few new connections (residential or commercial) added to the system in recent years.  Another reason for the lower revenues has been the efforts of our members to practice water conservation, which is a good thing.

Many components of the LPWA supply and distribution system are approaching 50 years of age and, being mindful of this, we strive to have savings reserves available to make repairs, replacements, and improvements as needed.  We continue to practice preventative maintenance to the system in hopes that the existing infrastructure will continue to last and serve the members as long as possible.

I am serving my first year as your General Manager, as Mr. Larry Grace, who has served the association well for over ten years, has retired.  I hope that you will join me in wishing Larry and Sherry well, and thanking him for his service, foresight, hard work and dedication to LPWA throughout the years.  Thank you, Larry.

In closing, I wish to thank all of our members who have helped us watch over the water system and made us aware of potential problems. In addition, I wish to thank our Board of Directors and my fellow employees without whom the success of the association would not be possible.


David Springstead 

 General Manager